The allure of the water

The world is full of stunning coastlines, offering water enthusiasts a huge amount of inspiration. Maybe you’re a novice, or perhaps you’re a long-time water lover or even an instructor? You

will always find a spectacular and halcyon environment somewhere close by to develop your paddle power or up your surf speed.

The world’s coastlines, lakes and rivers are a watersport adventure not to be missed!  They offer unique low-riding, gliding-close-to-the-water experiences, providing exciting opportunities to experience not just the local wildlife but mastering new skills as well as exercising for good health. Whether you’re able-bodied or have mobility issues, there’s always a variety of watersports you can enjoy!

In this day and age, there is the need to carry a lot of things, even when enjoying the outdoors. This is due to the fact that society is getting more and more mobile and we desire to stay connected – or at least have the opportunity to be connected – as well as SHARE every second of our lives on social media! This has created the problem of portability. In fact, carrying a smartphone or other device can be very tricky, especially while practising water activities like kayaking or the very popular stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

SUP is more and more popular these days because you can buy the SUPs relatively cheap and even buy inflatable ones for better portability. In order to fully understand why so many people love the water, you have to appreciate the sense of freedom you feel when on the open sea, a crystal clear lake or in a local river. Talking with seasoned water lovers, you can soon pick up a theme, a common reason for a better choice of words, as to why watersports will never go out of style.

The first advantage of modern-day watersports is that you can bring your phone with you now (see Ultra Dry waterproof bags and pouches). No matter what the elements or where you take a Dry Bag! Why? Because you never know what will happen during your day out or expedition (hopefully, you will be home without any problem!) and if something goes wrong, you need to be able to call for rescue.

There was a time when purpose made rucksacks were the traditional way to waterproof your gear, but even the best efforts to protect gadgets are absolutely worthless sometimes. Yep, we’ve all done it… that moment when your phone exits your grip or pocket and plummets to its watery death; all your contacts, work, images – gone. And not a bowl of rice in sight!

One minute you’re out enjoying yourself on the water, hiking a trail or laying poolside, not really thinking about the security of your precious gadget(s). The next minute the unthinkable happens… your phone somehow exits your hand/pocket/bag and takes a dive!

This is why waterproof dry bags are an absolute fundamental part of your kit. They allow you to be safer out there and give peace of mind to anyone who may be waiting for you or who may have to rescue you, meaning you can even make that 999 call if you have to.

And a quick word about cold water… whether you’re freezing your toes off on a Christmas Day swim or you’ve been a long time lover of cold water swimming (you’re brave!) there’s no denying that swimming in cold water seems like utter madness. However, the few that have mastered the art say that it’s not only fun but has some health benefits too. Okay… but it’s still cold which means it can be quite unpleasant, draining, and even dangerous. We’ve all heard of cases where swimmers were rescued because they couldn’t manage the frigid conditions of the water. Hence, you’ll want to learn a few tips on how to acclimate to the cold water if you’re going to embark on this craziness.

Whether you’re a cold water enthusiast, a SUP beginner, a surfing pro or just like to kayak down river, you can’t deny watersports are more popular now than ever before. Watersports has seen a revival, a rebirth, a reawakening. See you out there!


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