There was a time when purpose made rucksacks were the traditional way to waterproof your gear, but even the best efforts to protect gadgets are absolutely worthless sometimes. Yep, we’ve all done it… that moment when your phone exits your grip or pocket and plummets to its watery death; all your contacts, work, images – gone. And not a bowl of rice in sight.

One minute you’re out enjoying yourself on the water, hiking a trail, or laying poolside, not really thinking about the security of your precious gadget(s)… The next minute the unthinkable happens… Your phone somehow exits your hand/pocket/bag and gets SOAKED.

The realisation sinks in (no pun intended) that a whole lot of water has just sucked the life out of your phone. All your contacts, images, notes… GONE. You’re in the great outdoors; there’s no quick fix. You kick yourself for not buying one of those waterproof bags or phone pouches when you saw them! We’re here to help. We specialise in 10 litre, 20 litre and 30-litre premium quality dry bags made from pure grade 7.5mm thick 500 denier waterproof polymerGet yours here and never be caught out again.

Numerous uses for a dry bag

Dry bags / waterproof bags are used to keep any kind of item dry and safe. Dry bags / waterproof bags come in many different sizes to prevent many things including phones, tablets, clothes, picnic foods, tools, from unnecessary water damage. Choosing the right dry bag depends what you need it for. All dry bags have the same type of watertight seal system and it’s very important that you know the simple techniques on how to close it properly for it to work correctly. Most waterproof bags are used for watersports, wet weather outdoor pursuits like hiking etc, but you can even use them for picnics, going to a football game, theme park, water slide, day trips, river cruises etc. Ultradry Dry Bags keep all your gear protected no matter what the conditions, from being plunged into white water on an extreme kayak run, cycling or hiking in torrential rain, even at the beach or theme park, your gear will be kept dry and protected. Once you switch to an Ultradry waterproof bag or pouch you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Advantages and features of dry bags / waterproof bags
Dry bags are basically designed to keep the contents dry and safe. Most of them are designed in a waterproof-like or waterproof covered material. They are helpful, most especially for watersports such as canoeing and sailing etc. They’re also great for snow-sports like skiing and snowboarding.

You have come to the right place
Don’t panic. Ultradry Bags was founded from of the ever increasing need to prevent water damage to phones and other personal items. We are just a click away guarantee to keep your precious gadgets dry so you can enjoy yourself outdoors. Want to get one? Click here.

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